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Articles w/e 6th January 2008
3 Jan - Sup up lads!!

Next time you are down at the Club and having a beer, just think about the profit on your pint. From the start of January 2008, the Club has taken over the management of the bar, pavilion and changing rooms, so the profit on the pint is benefiting the Club directly for the first time.

The change is part of the transition to full ownership of the facilities, which will soon see the licencee change from the Sports Association to Football Club. However, whilst the change should enhance the financial stability of the Club, it isn't without one problem which it is up to us all to sort - staffing the bar. Anyone behind the bar is going to be giving their time and efforts for free, so we must all try to do our bit to make life easier for them. Obviously, if you can spare an hour or so to pull pints, please tell us. But you can help in many ways. If glasses are piling up on your table, bring them to the bar. Have pride in the bar, try to keep it tidy and be generally aware that if anything needs doing, it is up to US to do it. Don't just leave it for someone else to do.

Then sup up, enjoy your pint and think of the profit!!
5 Jan - Latest Results

Kirk Deighton Rangers 1 Boroughbridge AFC 0

Boroughbridge Res 5 Wetherby Res 2

Boroughbridge A 4 Ripon City A 1
6 Jan - Player Profiles

So who's the team joker? Who has scored most own goals for us? Who has the worst dress sense or taste in music? Who puts out the worst chat up lines? And who secretly thinks he's good enough to play in the Premiership if only that scout spots him? In the next few weeks, as part of the continuing revamp of the website, we will be launching a few new features, including player profiles. Although meant to be factual in the main, there is no way we can pass up the opportunity for a little light hearted dig at our players' ... err, let's think... foibles... for want of a better word. Mail me on with anything I can use. Please, nothing libellous or too personal; remember it's a bit of fun and younger supporters view the site. But having said that......
6 Jan - Latest Results

Boroughbridge AFC 4 Scoles 1

Black Swan Barwick 2 Boroughbridge Res 0
6 Jan - Boroughbridge WAG's??

Following a challenge (of types) issued by a player's wife following saturday's games, it is clear that not enough emphasis has been placed on the WAG's of the Club!! Come on guys, they may not have the money of Colleen or the Cole woman from Girls Aloud, but they have comparable beauty, more charm and infinitely more brains. And without them, let's be honest, there'd be less after match nosh or half time teas. They are as much part of the Club as the players, and an incalculable boost to our players. For example, who else will persuade Steve Tovey that he can play 90 minutes without giving a penalty away other than his lovely wife? So as we continue to develop the content of the website, let's have a WAG's section. Where we can celebrate the softer, kinder (??) side of our Club. Mail me on with info and pics (keep them clean, it's a family site) and we'll highlight the real powerhouse of the teams as we move on. I've got 2 gorgeous W's to profile at the moment, but need more and definitely need some G's. Upto to you boys and girls.
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