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Harrogate Railway Athletic - Whitworth Cup
All smiles after the game, Daz Ekin gave his thoughts on a hard fought victory against Railway, and his fears for a lengthy absence for Captain Marvellous Paul Vincent.

What’s the word on Vinno?
We don't know, we don’t know - obviously I’m gutted. We're just waiting but if it’s his cruciates - like last time - then obviously it’s a massive blow. Paul Vincent not only is a great player but a great captain. He's a leader - we can’t afford to lose players like that - this one looks bad.

Turning to the game what did you make of it?
Did we punch above our weight? I think to be fair they had a good side on the day - we had a good side - for me at the end of the day it was about defences. Their defence was pretty weak; our defence with Andy Layton stood firm with Coggers and of course Hoggy. You've got to remember we have not only lost our captain but our Vice Captain very early on, after seven minutes, which was a blow - young Ben came in and did a good job. Defensively we were better. I thought Hoggy was very decisive today. You couldn't blame him for any of the goals, and the goals we gave away were scrappy.

What about ours?
Our 1st goal, I think it’s got to rate up highly with Brazil’s goal in 1970 World Cup. From back to front, 8 or 9 passes and it was a tremendous goal. It was one of the best goals we've scored, seriously, this season. Baz O'Neill was a little unlucky not to get more? Baz O'Neill came off with one goal - and should have really had 3 or 4. Eagling came off with two and certainly should have had a hat trick; at the start of the second half he should have scored. I was pleased with Darv today too.

Was he Man of the Match for you?
Eagling got man of the match from Andy Leighton. Vinno and Chris Stevenson were very good in the middle of the park, and young Danny Webster goes wherever we tell him. But the big downside today obviously is Paul Vincent. We just hope that everything’s not as bad as it looks. To me Railway kept doing the one thing - they looked very one dimensional. Yes - the good thing for us is that they’re humping the ball into the goal - and Hoggy is saying “thank you very much”. And that is what we want cause Hoggy is on top form. Their manager is saying “don’t put it in there”, but they are! He is a good keeper.

Did you need to say much at half time?
At half time I praised them but told them to be cautious - "don’t go out thinking you’ve won this game" - and I think that’s how we started.

But now we're through?
It’s a great result and we have the semis to look forward to. They brought players in today. Baz Littlefair - he was tremendous in the FA cup. Rob Youhill, Giuseppe Downing. The strange thing is that they’re all players that have played for Boroughbridge Football Club, so maybe we helped them in a way.

And the semi?
We’re looking forward to it - we hope we get a good draw. But Vinno is the big shout – that’s the downer.
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