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A New Season
Boroughbridge AFC have a tough start to the new season, starting with two local derbies (Ripon away and Knaresborough home) in the first 5 days, then an away trip to Sherburn (where Daz saw his side go down 4-0 at the end of last season) topped off with a home match against Beeston (6-1 victors at home last year). Add to this an enforced change to holiday dates for Daz, which mean he is absent until the Beeston match, and things are looking tougher. The absence of Assistant Tony Coles just about makes it Mission Impossible. With John "Barney" Chubb taking on the gaffer's role for tomorrows trip to Mallorie Park Drive, the last thing he would want is a number of players missing but that's wahat he has got. Are things really that gloomy? We caught up with Daz after Tuesday's game at Aldborough Road.

Last season was disappointing for most people. I take it that it was the same for you?
Yeah, disappointing. I think to be fair, with the players we had and the changes we had to make, to finish 8th which was the same as the season before, it was quite good, but disappointing in that we had no cup finals, no silverware. We learnt a lot from it though, we’ve got to be more consistent with players this season.

So do we have any new faces? Any departures?
Well we’ve a few departures haven’t we; obviously one out here playing tonight in young Ben, whom I’m very disappointed with because he hasn’t even told me he’s going yet. But we lose him and we get Hutch (Martin Hutchinson) back, and Tyse is back, there are a few young faces but most of them are army, which gives its own problems and can disrupt the consistency. But we do have the makings of a good side.

Was preseason useful, or wasn’t there enough of it?
There wasn’t a lot of it was there? All we’ve learned is that we’ve got players reasonably fit, and that’s all you can do preseason is that.

So 8th last year and the year before. What’s this year’s target?
We always target the top five. If we can everyone back, everyone playing, with consistency, there’s no reason we can’t get in the top 5, but it’s all down to the start again. We’ve got players away at the start of the season, we could find ourselves bottom of the league after 4 games. It’s a tough start.

Anyone to watch this year?
Who are we looking to improve? Eagling’s got to improve. I know that’s daft because he was player of the season but nine goals isn’t enough from him, he’s got to improve. We’ve got to find a partner for him who can score similar.

But is there anyone you think will come through and surprise us?
I think young Hutch will come in and do well. I also look at Whittaker who was brilliant for us at the end of the season, hopefully he’ll be the outstanding one.

What about the opposition?
The same as last year, Carlton and Bardsey, but I have a sneaky feeling for Sherburn this year. They’re a very good team at home, and we were lucky to get points off them here, so I think they’ll be close.

What of the promoted teams, Otley walked their league last year.
Yeah, they are a big tough side, difficult to beat on their patch. Leeds City if they’re like they were when we last played then a couple of seasons ago they’ll be a good footballing side. It’ll be better for the league I think.

More consistency in the Cups?
Definitely. We’ve got an away draw in County cup this season, an away draw in league cup, so the draws are against us to start with. We’ve obviously got hopes in the Whitworth cup, but again to win that we have to beat Ripon, we’ve got to beat Knaresborough, so it isn’t going to b e easy.

Any other predictions?
Not really, I’m just looking for that consistency, the same players on a regular basis, the lads who want to play, let’s get playing football. These lads who just want to come in and go out, let’s get rid of them. We don’t need them they’re just wasting our time. We want a team.

It goes without saying that we all want that top five finish too. And with Barney at the helm, the team is in competent hands until Daz get's back.
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