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Boroughbridge AFC 3-0 Aberford Albion
Great result today for the team, what are your impressions on what you saw today?
Well it’s a great result, you know, three nil, Aberford, takes us three points up in the league. Still a long way to go but a great result; I thought the lads played very well first half, second half obviously a bit if and but, but there’s some chances there and no goals obviously but overall a good result.

Do you know what Ripon and Wetherby have done today?
Well, we know Ripon have won one nil against Whitkirk which is an absolutely fantastic result for them and I’ve spoken to Charlie [Brown] and well done to them. We’re just waiting for the Wetherby result which we don’t know. We can only look after our own result and do what we have to do and we know that. Three points today is a big result, we know Howden have lost, it’s just that Wetherby result and once we get that in we’ll know and we’ll be a bit happier.

Not looking too good at the bottom of the table, how are you feeling for the rest of the season, possibly staying up or going down?
Well look, we’re third bottom of the league, we’ve got a plus four goal difference and for a team who are third bottom of the league; you try and find a team in that position with a plus four goal difference and you will struggle. So we’re confident and I think we’ll survive. I’d just like to be a little bit safer than what we are.

Three good goals from Ollie Uffindall today, tell us about that.
Ollie Uffindall was terrific today, he didn’t get man of match because Stu Hendry was outstanding but the three goals he got were for me what is called a perfect hat-trick, he got a header, a right-foot and a left-foot. I’ve done that myself in my time and I know how good that feels; terrific hat-trick and he took his last two goals really well. It’s a team game, everybody played their part, for Stu Hendry to get man of match, he deserved that I thought as he was terrific on the day and as long as Ollie’s scoring goals we’re happy.

Any last comments?
Not really, I’d just like to say this: we go to Whitkirk next week and if we can pick up a point there next week we’ll take that.
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