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League Cup Final Reaction
Interview with Ripon Gazette sports reporter Andy Groves following League Cup Final victory.

When questioned on the victory:
DE: What can I say, we’ve just won one of the finest trophies. It’s a trophy we’ve never won, it’s just unbelievable and I think we’ve won it in style, it was a good game. I think we played some really good football tonight, both teams, but we really played some good stuff and I agree with what Kenny said [referencing an earlier conversation], we were just fitter, and that’s what did it in the end. We pushed on, went for the goal and young Burney, I’m absolutely thrilled to bits for the young kid, you know, a young lad, coming on like that, who was in the third team at the start of the season, and he’s just lifted the biggest trophy he’ll probably ever lift. It’s fantastic, a great story.

AG: And his brother was fantastic as well.
DE: He was immense wasn’t he? Immense, and I thought it was tight between him and Ben [Clayton] for the Man of Match, but fair play, Ben covered every blade of grass on there tonight, but what a win, and great support. Great to see everyone tipping out like old days, County Cup days, and winning a great trophy, just so thrilled, I can’t tell you. Immense.

AG: So as far as seasons go this is probably one of the best for a while?
DE: It’s the best we’ve had since we won the County Cup, which is sixteen long years ago, so it’s been a long time waiting has this and we’re happy. We’re very, very happy. Whitworth Cup, League Cup, fantastic. One season, great.

AG: It’s not been a bad seven days really.
DE: No, it’s not a bad seven day’s work is it, we lost two in between but we weren’t worried about them, as long as we got the two trophies, and to beat the two teams that we beat, I think, credit to the players as well. You’ve just beaten Knaresborough and you’ve just beaten Otley, who are two of the top sides. And we always believed, I told the lads at the start of the season: stick with us, we’ll win something, we will win something, and I’m just so proud of them.

AG: And how many games have you got left now?
DE: Six. I don’t know how we’re going to do it, but at least the lads will want to be together, and we’ll get them all together on Saturday to celebrate, and it’s half past ten now so we’re going to have a beer and then we’re going to head back to Boroughbridge and hopefully one of the pubs might just stay open for us, but we’re going to celebrate big style on Saturday. Definitely, and rightly so.

When questioned on the traveling support:
DE: We brought one coach through today, but I bet we brought another 100 people who have come in cars, which is great. And I’m glad for them as well, because it’s a long way to come from Boroughbridge. The facilities have been good, it would have been nice if it had been marked out but we’re so glad that people have come, and we’ve given them something to shout about, again!

AG: 120 minutes on that pitch, it’s going to be tiring on the legs is that.
DE: It is, it is, but when you win, it doesn’t hurt at all does it, it doesn’t hurt one bit when you’ve won.
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