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Boroughbridge AFC has been in existence for well over 100 years and is well established within the local area. We run five teams across the West Yorkshire, Harrogate & District, Claro Sunday and York Corinthians leagues, always striving to maintain the highest standards both on and off the field of play. Sponsoring the club is an excellent way to get your name into the local community, and can gain you significant exposure. We offer a range of sponsorship packages to suit every budget, meaning that no matter how small or large your company there is probably something for you. Our five main types of sponsorship are detailed below.

Kit Sponsorship
This lasts for two years and involves sponsorship of a full kit with the sponsor's name highlighted on the front of the shirts. Also included in this package is a sponsor board, which is displayed pitch-side at all home matches, and highlighting of sponsor's name on team sheets, Club correspondence and general information sheets. This package will classify you as a Club 'Partner', and as such will give you significant coverage on the Club's website, including your logo at the base of every page.

Tracksuit Top Sponsorship
This is also for a period of two years and offers most of the advantages of shirt sponsorship, but with a lower cost. The sponsor's name can either appear on the back or front of the tracksuit top which will be worn by team officials and players during training and on the touchlines. You will also receive coverage on the Club's website.

Board Sponsorship
This is initially for a two year period, with the Club supplying the board and graphics, unless it is your specific request to undertake the artwork. The board will be on display at all home matches throughout the season, and will be very visible to spectators throughout each match. Details of the sponsor will also appear on all forms of Club correspondence, information sheets and on the Club's website.

Match Ball Sponsorship
Each weekend's set of matches will be allocated a match ball sponsor on a rotating basis, with each individual sponsor featured at least three to four times throughout the season. Coverage will be provided on the website for the week in which your sponsorship has been allocated, and your name will appear on Club documents and information sheets. Renewal is on an annual basis with a minimum term of one season.

The Club's website receives large levels of traffic and is held in very high regard in the local football community. Advertising on the Club's website offers an excellent way to get your name into both the local community and further a field at a reasonable cost. We have spaces available for adverts to be placed on various pages and places on the site and can tailor our package to your requirements. There is also an opportunity for sponsors to partner with various features of the website. The sponsor's name would be included in the name of the feature and advertising provided within the feature. The features we are currently offering sponsorship of are Matchday, Matchday Live and our Calendar. Again, packages can be tailored to the sponsor's needs.

For more information on sponsoring the Club or to make an enquiry, please contact the Club's Sponsor Liaison Officer, Jamie Grubb, on 07747 496501 or via email.
Official Boroughbridge AFC Club Partners 2015/16
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John Ellis Builders
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The Three Horse Shoes
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The Black Bull Inn
The Club would like to thank all our partners and sponsors for the 15/16 season. For information on how to sponsor the Club, please see the Sponsors section.